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The Wine, Tourism & Hospitality business is complex & constantly evolving. Wine Business Advisors are blue-sky thinkers challenging you to think out-of-the-box. WBA combines specialist niche skills with real-world experience. WBA specialists cover every angle from strategy to implementation. 


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Wine Business Advisors
Mike Ratcliffe

Innovative & cutting-edge

wine business advice for maximum profit.

Colleen Norkie

Digital marketing & online communication strategy 

Rob Arnold

Culture development &

training specialist

Miles Mossop

Winemaking Advisor

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Choose between a short-term consultancy, a longer term consulting residency, a non-executive Independent Directorship or a managed strategy workshop. 

A public speaking engagement or a formal board presentation. A mutually beneficial consultancy arrangement is always relatively finite -the intention to efficiently transfer appropriate knowledge to management. Understand your financial commitment by requesting a quotation based on your specific needs.