Carcon Wines
Garcon Wines

Garçon are a sustainable recycled PET packaging start-up that’s bringing about a significant advancement to wine bottles and their impact on the environment. With essential and highly effective advancements to the shape and material of wine bottles they are improving the eco-friendliness, retailing, logistics, and cost-effectiveness of wine. This enables a healthier planet, happier consumers and a more prosperous industry.


WBA have been engaged to scope the Southern African market to conduct detailed market research, conduct a feasibility study and a business plan for the creation of local manufacturing capability in South Africa. WBA identified and introduce all of the key up-stream and down-stream players in the recycling, PET, plastic, manufacturing, retail and wine production space. This engagement is ongoing.

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The Terraview mission is to create the most valuable enterprise software company of the 21st century by blending technology with each bottle of wine that the world produces. Terraview has created a unified vineyard management digital platform including a fully integrated suite of innovative products like yield estimation, smart irrigation & disease predictions.


WBA have been engaged to scope the market with the intention to introduce the Terraview platform to the South African wine industry. Detailed market research, vineyard trials & networking with the intention to make Terraview an essential and valuable digital support tool for the most innovative and ambitious South African winegrowers and winemakers. This engagement is ongoing.