Innovative & cutting-edge wine business advice for maximum profit.

Mike Ratcliffe
  • High-level strategy and business oversight

  • Product portfolio design and brand positioning

  • Marketing strategy, distribution strategy and margin design

Mike Ratcliffe

Culture development specialists

Rob Arnold 
  • Customer Experience Strategy

  • Training 

  • Performance Management 

Rob Arnold

Viticultural & Winemaking Advisory


Miles Mossop 
  • Provide advice regarding vineyard management pertaining to aspects impacting on the quality and style of the wines 

  • Provide advice regarding to production & cellar management on aspects impacting the quality and styles of the wines

  • Provide advise pertaining to the costing of wine from grape to bottle to achieve specific wine styles focusing on profit and long-term sustainability of the business.

Miles Mossop

Raising your brand’s online profile is key to increasing your market share. How well do your consumers know you? 

Colleen Norkie
  • Developing digital marketing strategies

  • Developing digital marketing campaigns

  • Custom e-commerce solutions

  • Social media management

  • Graphic and web design

  • Creative writing

  • Skilled photography and sets, exciting short videos for digital ad campaigns

Our Advisory Services

The guidance you need to make your business profitable. Intelligent, holistic advice backed by many years of global wine business development experience. Get it right - the first time.